Hello Ian/Ray. Hope all is well with both of you and your respective families. Ray, you were the instigator. Where other financial advisers more or less told me all was lost, you remained a positive influence, and kept my hopes up enabling me to see that there just may be a light at the end of what was, for me, a very long and dark tunnel. Ian, when time was of the absolute essence you concluded things within the necessary timeframe even though this necessitated an encroachment on your personal/family time during a period when you had your very own difficulties (I hope all is now well). Your level of input over that weekend Ian showed not only compassion but it also exceeded the 100% commitment a client would ordinarily expect/hope to receive.

Gentlemen, throughout, you have both had the forebearance to withstand the impatience sprung from my fears, remaining professional throughout. Moreover, the product selected for my retirement, met the needs I had discussed with you both. Thanks to the work that you have both done on my behalf I can say with all sincerity that I am now in a far better place than I was this time last year. I obtained the re-mortgage at the end of April. The re-wiring of the house and refurbishment of the bathroom is scheduled for next month. Without the help of you both I could never have contemplated any of this. Ian, Ray a massive THANK YOU.– L Kenion

Karen has provided a roadmap using forecasting models to allow us to leave our corporate jobs and become self employed/semi retired. Karen has helped us understand what we need to do and by when to realise our aspiration. I have also, based on in depth review and a great explanation consolidated most of my pensions from various providers into one provider. Not all made sound financial sense to move which was all explained before I authorised the transfers.– P Smith

Karen was welcoming and very informative for my needs now and in the future. Everything was explained clearly including charges and I was under no pressure to use Four Oaks Financial Services. It was a relaxed meeting and would highly recommend.– D Deakin

Ray Ceairns has been our knight in shining armour. Just when we thought we had nowhere else to turn he has given us the advice and tools to get through such a difficult time. He is professional in all aspects of his approach and kind and compassionate. I would shout from the highest mountain with recommending Four Oaks services to anyone. Thank you Ray and all.– D Stokes

Ian Cleghorn has so far been a credit to your company. He has been an absolute gem. We had no idea what we had to do regarding pensions but Ian has explained everything thing & answered all our questions. Thank you.– I Frisby

In my opinion improvement not needed. Ian my FA was open, approachable and clear in his advice.– H Frisby

We write this with our many thanks, as we were in a situation that we felt we would have to give up our family home but on meeting Ray he has provided us with the guidance and support enabling us to remain in our familiar surroundings. He has shown kindness, compassion and professionalism and this is truly recognised. Thanks again Ray.– D & S Stokes

Ian was very knowledgeable and easy to work with, and once he understood our needs and circumstances, guided us through all the options in a courteous and professional manner. Altogether a pleasant experience for such a life changing decision. Thank you.– G Hayton

Very good service from Martin Ward as always.– S Trevelyan

My adviser was extremely approachable, professional, knowledgeable and put me at my ease. Would highly recommend Four Oaks.– J Poppleton

Alan has been brilliant. He is very friendly and professional. He explains everything in a way for us to understand and is always patient. 10/10 from us, thank you :).– N Menzies

Support from back office is very good too.– A Taylor

Dear Ian, I found that you provided highly professional and knowledgeable information in a way that I could understand and you have a “canny” gift of checking that I understood the information but also how that would apply to my own situation and objectives. You certainly didn’t hide behind your ‘industry jargon’ and I find that a refreshing change and one which felt that you were definitely working in my very best interests.

I sincerely hope that you will be providing advice for many years to come as I found that you exceeded expectations by not only helping me with my financial strategy, but in providing an honest and highly informative sense check, and an independent view of my strategy moving forward.– S R Freeman

I have recently been guided by Nic Whittaker and supported by Emily Walker through the process of transferring my pension pot from my previous employer. Nic was very professional throughout the whole process, listened but more importantly understood my personal circumstances, and gave me unbiased information to help me make my final decision. Nic was able to take me through the whole process in a way I could understand, and when at the final hurdle there was a ‘glitch’ with the Third Party, although it was out of his remit he went the extra mile to help resolve the matter. Both Nic and Emily made themselves available at all times, sometimes out of normal business hours, to answer all my questions, no matter how trivial they probably were! I have great confidence in Nic’s integrity and ability, and would not hesitate to recommend them as employees of Four Oaks Financial Services. I would like to officially thank both Nic and Emily for their help and support in recent months.– C Elwell

I am very happy with the financial advice and the service I received from Martin Ward.– C Lubrano

I do not normally give top ratings in surveys, however the service you give us is second to none.– D Basset

I am not a questionnaire sort of person but with the different people I have seen regarding my finances I have always felt that they took their time to explain things, listened, were courteous, and generally made it easy for me.– H Bexon

I’m very pleased and satisfied indeed with the whole experience of the recent Review meeting with David Jones. He’s excellent at his job; extremely personable, pleasant and totally professional in his manner. Thank you!– F M-Smith

The service received from both Ian Cleghorn and Emily was exemplary. Ian was straightforward in his dealings with me, explaining any issues I did not understand in “plain English”. Emily was extremely pro-active in her dealings with my former pension fund, I am sure it was her tenacity that enabled a smooth and quick transfer of my pension funds.– S D’Arcy

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Four Oaks Financial Services to anyone and especially the Lifestyle Planning for those who have any worries about their finances in the future!.– E Arnold

I found the discussions very interesting and the lifestyle planning tool has already made me think harder about what I would like to achieve in future. I am starting to see that the client-adviser relationship is so much more than just the practicalities of pension planning and reaches far further into all aspects of life. As I said, I am feeling much more positive about money in general following our visit and I look forward to seeing what happens next with the steps we discussed.– S Mitson

Generally I am satisfied with the service I receive from all at Four Oaks the only issue was the time it took to sort out my finances. I understand that one of my pension conversions was going to be long and drawn out because of the nature of the scheme and I know a lot of time and effort was put in but the changing over of my other pensions took a lot longer than expected. On the whole though I am happy with the service provided and the professionalism of all concerned at Four Oaks.– L Boggild

Nic has been great, really supportive and got my pension up and running. I really appreciate his help.– K Lupton

My circumstances and requests are not easy, Ian took the time to understand the requirements fully, and delivered. I’m an engineer not an accountant. Ian made sure I understood everything. Can’t put a cost on a trustworthy service. Always either available or very quick call back. Including picking up the bar bill! We have been in regular contact for years to ensure that I am always using the best product for my needs. Prompt, courteous, friendly, professional – S O’Connell

It’s a lot to take in. Ian was on hand at first, all was explained to me in a comprehensive way and went over again what I didn’t understand straight away. Very professional and precise. Later queries and correspondence was taken up by Emily. Again she went out her way to solve any issues I had, nothing was too much trouble, first class service keeping me up to date with all proceedings. – R De Waelle

I dealt with Ian Cleghorn and Emily Walker and have found them both to be extremely professional and efficient in their work. They are both also very knowledgeable in their field. I have had reason to call on several occasions and they have been able to assist me at all times and they have been giving me regular updates. If they were not available when I contacted them, they have called me back. I feel that they are both an asset to your company – J Williams

I found Ian Cleghorn to be knowledgeable and efficient in our dealings. He has a friendly manner however, always professional. – S Speirs

Ray, our Adviser was very friendly and helpful. He has kept us well informed and easy to talk to. He texts and emails us regularly about what is going on and any Documents he needs. – M Ingram

Ian kept me informed during the transfer process. I found Ian Cleghorn to be knowledgeable and efficient in our dealings. He has a friendly manner however, always professional. – S Speirs

Many thanks to Ray Ceairns and Ian Cleghorn for helping me transfer my pensions.– M Dally

We’ve received very good service from Yomi and happily recommend him anytime to anyone, especially friends and family.– U Ehondor

Nic was warm, friendly & knowledgeable, very easy to get on with. We felt that he was keen & wanted to advise us on what was best for us, we would definitely recommend him.– D & P Robinson

The process at first was a little daunting, but any questions I had were attended to swiftly and clearly by email or phone. Your service is 1st class and recommended.– R De Walle

As my ratings show, Alan is always courteous, friendly and explains everything in detail and always advises me the best route to take.– D Fell

Ian Cleghorn was recommended to me 11 years ago. He helped me to set up a pension. He has helped me and my family several times since. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian for financial planning. – J & P Hodges

Ray explained every thing and was polite and courteous kept us informed explained any documentation that we were sent.– C Cobley

Alan is always polite and courteous and helpful in all things I ask of him.– S Fell

Mark was courteous and I’ve never felt rushed. Mark understands that he needs to use very simple language! Mark gets back to me as soon as possible. I felt totally at ease with him.– L Dixon

Struggling to send you documents at the moment, however we are very satisfied with the service Nic Whittaker is providing us.     – P Broadbent

Mark has been very professional and has given advice as required. Always contactable and provides guidance as and when necessary.– B S Whybrew

It’s always a pleasure to meet up with my adviser David Jones. I’m happy to give 100000% positive feedback about the service and general all round experience at my recent review.– F M-Smith

Both Robin and Ian were very helpful and have made the process, so far, as easy as possible. The initial setup of my requirements is still on-going so it’s early days. Happy so far!– J Phenix

I found Ray very helpful and he spent time to understand my situation, assess my investment risk profile and to offer options that I could choose from. I will require further advice in a few months time and will contact Ray again in due course.– D Gooding

Delighted with the initial service and advice received and will be happy to recommend you to others.– A Pearson

Excellent knowledge and people skills.– E M Eyden

Just to say another BIG thank you from both of us. Yesterday, was extremely helpful and pragmatic. Voyant is a brilliant tool – but cleverly used, of course! We are truly delighted and are happy to tell anyone so!– M Dewhurst

Having had a bad experience with a previous IFA I was very impressed overall with the Four Oaks approach. My adviser spent a lot of time finding out about my financial circumstances and his advice, coupled with the helpful emails sent by Four Oaks, have helped me to reconsider my approach to money and I have since thought harder about my financial goals and put some different money management strategies in place which will hopefully help me to consolidate my financial circumstances.– S Mitson

The team at Four Oaks are all consummate professionals, highly skilled but also very nice people.

Ian has painstakingly sorted out my previously messy pension arrangements, taking time to explain every step in the process. I am thrilled with the results.

Nic has provided great mortgage advice to me and members of my family.

Becky is helping me with the ‘After-Life’, guiding me through the complex area of trusts and estate planning, with support from Ian.– S Kainth

Friendly and responsive. Help with requests and queries.– L Owen

At our recent finance review Mark, our advisor, asks if I would look at a demo of their latest offering; the “lifestyle review”. Sure, why not says I, you’ve always looked after us well so far, what is it? The demo took about 10 minutes and I thought, this looks like what I currently have to try to do myself, takes hours at a time over days, and manages to give me headaches and loss of sleep, worrying whether I had it right. The wife and I discussed it and decided to go ahead, especially as it is a one off cost and then the review is updated as and when anything significant changes. Mark took us through the whole thing, input all of our finances (well they were known already) plus our, well, I make no apologies for being trite, our hopes and dreams. That is to say things such as, when can I retire, will we be able to have those holidays, keep updating our car, do those house improvements and so-on.

Mark went away to run everything through the system and then came back to us a few weeks later with the good news. It looked like all was well and we are now planning my retirement! It was good just to know when that was going to be, but what they can do with this system is feed all the incomes and all the outgoings into it then play the “what ifs” and see what you need to do to get what you need. I have to say it is the best money I have spent in some time, such peace of mind that all the options are being considered and the risks known and mitigated. – P Parker

Robin was very professional and courteous throughout. – A Birt

I have been very happy with your service from start to finish. I have recommended your company to friends and family. – J McDonald

Ray Caeirns has helped us before with financial issues. Therefore we felt comfortable with him helping us again. Also at any time during our appointments with him if we felt not sure of anything Ray would explain in greater detail. – S & M Cole

My advisor listened and understood exactly what it was that I needed before coming up with the perfect option. He was calm and collected at all times and I always felt he was on my side. Excellent service and a good product at the end of it. – B Strong

I have been a customer of Four Oaks Financial Services for a number of years now and have been very happy with service I have received. – D Eatough

I cannot recommend Alan more highly, he has supported us with the most professional and friendly advice throughout an extraordinarily challenging time. – A Lees

I would like to thank Ray Ceairns for all his help, I couldn’t have gone forward with my mortgage without him. – J Banks

The advice I received was both excellent and well explained. My adviser was very understanding of my needs and requirements from the scheme.Highly recommended. – S P Bridges

Alan has always been friendly, polite and courteous and looked after my finances to my satisfaction. – S Goodley

Nic Whittaker is our adviser and has exceeded all our expectations. He has been up front, informative and helpful with all our dealings. My pension policy before moving to Nic wasn’t being managed at all. We feel confident my pension policy is now in the best hands to achieve its best potential. – C Sutton

Prompt, helpful and efficient. Thinks about the situation and takes the initiative in proposing a course of action. – Mr & Mrs Baxter

The first advisor to take time to listen to our needs and explain our options fully in language we understood. Very professional and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others. – Mr & Mrs Eddy

His approach to our current needs has been innovative, honest & pragmatic. One thing I particularly value in a financial advisor is that he or she is trustworthy & keeps our situation confidential: Mark is very careful about such matters whilst always being friendly & pleasant. – M Dewhurst

Both Ian and Dave were friendly and helpful, nothing was too much trouble. We liked the fact they visited us in our home also. We also felt they would not mislead us and had our best interests in mind in all the dealings. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. – D & Y Faulconbridge

I am completely clueless where money is concerned so have trust in Ray Ceairns to do his best for me. – H M Wallace

Alan is excellent. Always takes the time to listen to us and appreciates our needs. – N & S Bastock

Fabulous lady to work with. Most helpful will answer my questions (regardless of how silly they seemed). Extremely professional at all times. Talked through all options with me to ensure I fully understood all aspects of taking a mortgage and the help to buy. Have recommended Lianne to friends and family in other situations. I would 100% use Lianne, in future, for financial advice! – A Bird

Mark is easy to contact – always on time and explains everything well. The advice has been up to the mark (excuse the pun) so far. – B S Whybrew

I am pleased with Martin’s advice and customer care. – L Gainford

Extremely good presentation. Never rushed or pushed into making decisions. Well presented. – R C Kear

The service I received was indeed beyond my expectations. My Mortgage repayments have been halved leaving me in a much better position financially. I have had an offer of reviewing my position in two years time when a better deal might be on offer. Thank you most sincerely. – J Alcock

We have been extremely satisfied with the financial advice we have had through Four Oaks and your Advisor John Rushbook, without his splendid advice we wouldn’t have had a clue. Would highly recommend your services to others. – S Nicklin

The advisor took note on our requirements and recommended a number of products that we could consider. I can’t fault the level of service provided. – A Gray

Lianne was great in helping manage our application, particularly when things didn’t go to plan with regards to an incorrect Credit Score and resulting rejection by the lender. Lianne appealed this on our behalf and overturned the rejection. We would happily recommend Lianne to a friend. – R Geary

I was extremely impressed with the whole team at Four Oaks Financial Services. The influence in professional but friendly service clearly comes from the top. From my initial dealing with the support staff, right through to the work that was done for me by the planning team I was very impressed by the very high standards of all the staff. Martin and the team are fine ambassadors for their brand and the Financial Services Industry as a whole. I would have no problem recommending them to anyone who needs professional ethical advice and am very pleased that they now work to provide me with top quality Financial Advice during my retirement. – S R Freeman

He worked with a delightful & exemplary manner & very patiently with me. I was very pleased with his pleasant approach. – D Finney

We have recently had our annual review with Nic, and the success of his advice over the initial term has been a revelation. We have had money invested for many years with low/poor returns, Nick suggested that we move our funds to Four Oaks, and under his guidance we moved to Old Mutual for our ISA allocations. The returns have been very positive, with an annual growth of over 16%! More than the previous 4 fours combined! We choose Nic as our advisor based upon a personal networking contact, and yes, he is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and punctual, but the real measure of a financial adviser is the quality of the advice and the outcomes achieved on both these measures Nic has been proven to be excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending Nic as an IFA to acquaintances, friends and family. – R Lloyd

Excellent, friendly service with great advice given. Our policies were exactly what we needed and at no point were we offered anything which was not relevant. Would highly recommend. – M Nation

Alan Woolford has been extremely helpful as my new Financial Advisor. Please convey my best wishes for the New Year to Alan and all the staff at Four Oaks. – A Bamford

To Frankie, we can never thank you enough for all your help and kindness. – J & M Mason

I had asked Ian to help us find a suitable mortgage product and although in the end the deal did not go through as a result of some legislative changes, I have to say that Ian’s knowledge and service were second to none. He was most tenacious in trying to explore a number of options and despite continually coming up against a brick wall, he kept persevering and using his expertise to come up with alternative strategies. I am sure Ian’s time wasn’t wasted as he’s bound to encounter a similar situation in the future that will benefit from all the research he had to carry out. I would not hesitate to recommend Ian Cleghorn for any financial services advice you may need. – V Farmer

Excellent service provided and I would recommend Four Oaks Financial Services every time. – G T Williams

Nick was extremely helpful and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing advice – Thank you. – Dr S Wright

I found John Rushbrooke very easy to talk to and someone who appreciated the needs of a person in my position as retired. – A Harris

I can’t praise yourselves and Nic, in particular, enough. The help and support we have received buying our first house has been unbelievable. You hear that buying/moving house is the most stressful thing in the world but it has been made so easy by you. I could have gone into details on the points above but I feel as though it wouldn’t have done it justice. Every step has been so easy. Your correspondence with us has been brilliant. We have easily been able to get hold of Nic to clarify something or to arrange a meeting. His advice and knowledge has benefitted us massively. We can’t thank you all enough for your help with everything! – C Collins

We have recently had our annual review with Nic, and the success of his advice over the initial term has been a revelation. We have had money invested for many years with low/ poor returns, Nick suggested that we move our funds to Four Oaks, and under his guidance we moved to Old Mutual for our ISA allocations. The returns have been very positive, with an annual growth of over 16%! More than the previous 4 fours combined! We choose Nic as our advisor based upon a personal networking contact, and yes he is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and punctual, but the real measure of an IFA is the quality of the advice and the outcomes achieved on both these measures Nic has been proven to be excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending Nic as an IFA to acquaintances, friends and family. – R Lloyd

Always helpful, friendly and professional advise at all meetings. – J Atkin

Nic was very professional and always on time. He understood exactly what I wanted to do with my money and sorted it out quickly and I was extremely satisfied with his advice. He explained everything very clearly made the process very easy to understand and grasp. He also recommended Rebecca Head to sort out my will and she was excellent as well. Both were easy to contact. An all-round good and professional experience and I would recommend them both to any other clients. – K Goodwin

Just bought a house and Lianne was amazing. Helped us get a Mortgage went through everything thoroughly with us. She was lovely highly recommended. – T L Davis & J Sharpe

We first met Martin Ward in the Spring of 2005, recommended to us as a financial advisor. At this time Martin was in the process of setting up his own business and we became one of his first customers. From this time Martin proved invaluable, giving sound and balanced advice based upon our needs (he was doing a form of risk assessment on his own initiative way before it was a legal requirement). The business developed into the firm we know today as Four Oaks Financial Services. The team that Martin has built is helpful, professional, understanding, maintaining Martin’s business approach at all times. We have recommended Four Oaks to friends and family and they too have been impressed by the warm understanding and personal approach with a solid business approach
– R & J Lester

We refer to my husband John Jacobs’s conversation with Martin Ward yesterday when he expressed our views with regard to the two visits we have had with John Rushbrooke.

We have found John to be very approachable and efficient in his dealings with us in respect of our investments which are

now being managed by Four Oaks. He has taken the time to talk through any changes brought about by the transition from Guy Benson (Positive Solutions) to Four Oaks and the difference in working practises between the two and how our investments will be handled in the future by the team in Four Oaks.

All this has been done by John in a genial and knowledgable way which made it very easy to understand how Four Oaks (and himself ) work. We have been happy therefore to open a new investment without any qualms.

Initially we were both somewhat nervous with regard to this transition but John having taken the time to ensure that we have the appropriate information, and the understanding with regard to how our investments will be handled in the future has meant that we are happy with everything pertaining to our investments and your company, therefore we believe that this will prove to be a positive move for us in the future.

Please feel free to use our views in whichever way you wish.
Kind regards – J & A Jacobs

I would just like to thank you and everyone at “Four Oaks” for making my financial transactions easy and seamless. I wanted an adviser that could make things simple for me to understand and that kept me informed. You have done just that and you have been a consummate professional throughout. Please pass on my thanks to your team of very nice ladies in the office who looked after me so very well. I look forward to my review next year.
– Dr A Manocha

I wanted to write to you directly to let you know how incredibly impressed we have been by the diligence and professional conduct we have received from both Nic and Emily. They have both been 100% supportive and efficient in their efforts to arrange and finalise our re-mortgage, which has now successfully completed. In addition, just exceptionally nice people to deal with and will certainly attract additional custom. I really believe that with colleagues of that calibre working with your team, you have a guaranteed success, and as a result of the experience we have had with Four Oaks Financial Services I will be very actively recommending you to my friends and colleagues. Hugely impressed and I hope you would be kind enough to pass on my sincere appreciation and congratulations to them both.
– Dr L Reilly

Thank you so much to Nic at Four Oaks Financial Services for sorting out my recent re-mortgage. From the beginning Nic gave me confidence and discussed things in a straightforward and open way, whilst maintaining professionalism and ensuring I got the best deal. His communication was second to none (often out of hours) and Emily was fantastic in keeping me up to date and asking for any required information in a prompt manor, as well as chasing up the lender to ensure the application progressed as quickly as possible. Having a background in Estate Agency I can say with authority and from years of experience that this is not normal and it is VERY rare to receive this level of customer care and service from a mortgage broker! Thank you again Nic and Emily and thank you Four Oaks Financial Services. – D Kemp