Plan for the worst…But still plan for the best!

Financial Adviser Sutton Coldfield
Andy Robinson, Financial Adviser

Clients often think of Four Oaks Financial Services Ltd when they want to make an investment, or plan for retirement and want pension advice, in general, planning for the good times in life and looking ahead in a positive manner.
However, it’s just as important to plan for the worst that life could throw at you, to minimise the impact that unwanted events have on your best made plans for a happy future. Without the right protection in place, you or your family could lose your home, and in the case of a business owner, control of your business too.

Protecting your family and business is my speciality. It’s a role I love to provide, which gives me enormous satisfaction knowing that you have peace of mind, in that you have done the best you can to protect those that you love and care for, and that a potentially devastating event will not be compounded by the financial ruin of your family.
Part of my service to you is to have the conversations with you that we’ve all been guilty of ignoring and putting off because we’re busy, and ‘it’ll never happen to me’. Clients tell me that I work in a very sensitive way, but still get to know what it is that’s really important to you, which enables me to recommend the right cover that’s in your best interests every time.

Your cover could be only 3-steps away:
1. Our journey starts with an initial complimentary review of your current situation, to find out more about you, and to see how I can best help you. Also, and most importantly, for you to decide if you’d like me to work for you. You have nothing to lose.
2. I will then research the options available to us, you will then receive a letter from me, recapping on your scenario and explaining the reasons and rationale for the cover we are recommending.
3. The final stage is to make the application with a short telephone appointment to cover any lifestyle and health questions with one of my expert colleagues.

Estate Preservation & Inheritance Tax planning:
‘Keeping it in the family’. Our service to you ensures your desired legacies and business interests are properly protected from the tax man, liquidators, and or people that fall outside the family bloodline such as children’s former and future partners.
In conjunction with our legal specialists, we offer a complimentary will review, they can advise upon your will and if required, arrange Power of Attorney, both for property and finance matters as well as health and welfare.
Will Writing and Powers of Attorney are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and do not form part of the Quilter proposition. They are offered in our own right and Quilter Financial Planning can accept no responsibility for this area of advice.

Business protection:
If you are a director or have partners in your business, allow me to ask you one question:
Q: What could happen if a director or partner dies, or is unable to work due to a serious illness?
A: The spouse of the deceased could inherit, and benefit from their business Income, Shareholding, Dividend payments, and voting rights of the deceased spouse.

Business protection provides 3 main benefits:
1. Maintaining Control of your business: = Shareholder protection & Business loan protection.
2. Protecting profitability: = Keyperson cover.
3. Looking after your staff: = Death in service benefits.

I can provide you with appropriate protection and arrange the associated agreements that provide peace of mind in the event of the above.
This is an arrangement that is fair to all parties, the surviving business owners, and the family of the deceased.
It leaves you to retain control of your business whilst the spouse of the deceased receives immediate payment of the pre agreed value of their interest of the business.

Working with Four Oaks Financial Ltd not only gives you a one stop shop to the best providers in the market place for protection, you also gain access to the expertise of my colleagues who specialise in investments, pensions and mortgages.
I offer a complimentary business protection review to all; you don’t even have to be a client of Four Oaks Financial Services Ltd to benefit. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain, or retain.

Helen Wilson Joins Our Financial Adviser Team

We are delighted to announce that Helen Wilson has joined our Financial Adviser team. Helen is a fully qualified Financial Adviser and has been providing financial advice for 27 years. She began her career at Nationwide Building Society and then joined a smaller family financial adviser practice, and this is how we got to know each other.

Four Oaks Financial Services worked alongside Helen on some more complex pensions cases, until Helen was herself qualified to undertake this work. When a retirement caused the family practice to wind-down Helen called us and we were incredibly pleased to welcome her aboard.

Helen is qualified in all aspects of financial planning including Investment planning, mortgages and financial protection, pensions advice and retirement planning. She is also qualified to advise on Defined Benefits Pensions, which are complex pension cases.  Not all advisers are qualified to do this type of work.

For Helen, the best aspect of being a Financial Adviser is meeting clients and the long-term relationships that develop. She loves helping people to achieve their dreams and being an Adviser for 27 years means in some cases Helen advises multiple generations of the same family.

When she is not giving financial advice, Helen enjoys walking the family dogs, a Labrador and a Spaniel, the theatre, especially the ballet, and travelling.

Marco Cunsolo Joins Our Financial Adviser Team

We are delighted to announce that experienced Financial Adviser, Marco Cunsolo has joined our team of advisers at Four Oaks Financial Services.  Marco has been an Adviser for over 20 years including working for Barclays and Bank Of Scotland Investment Services in wealth management. Before joining us, he ran his own Financial Adviser practice for many years, and belonged to Quilter Financial Services Limited, which is the network we also belong to.

With the increase in compliance and administration now required of Financial Advisers, Marco asked Quilter to recommend a practice he could join that could help him with his back-office requirements. They recommended us and as they say the rest is history.

“Four Oaks Financial Services were highly recommended by Quilter and being part of their team allows me to have flexibility and first-class support in admin, paraplanning and compliance that I need.” Says Marco. “The thing I love most about being a Financial Adviser is helping people and being part of the team at Four Oaks Financial Services allows me to do more of that. Even the most successful people do not have time to effectively manage their finances and really appreciate the advice of a financial planning expert such as myself. Helping my clients and seeing them achieve the steps on their financial plan is so satisfying.”

In his spare time Marco is an outdoor animal, keen on tennis, swimming and running. But being from Italy he has his own wood-burning oven and is renowned for making a mean pizza!

Welcome to the team, Marco!

Financial Adviser Ray Ceairns Retires

We are delighted to announce that one of our longest serving financial advisers, Ray Ceairns, has retired. Ray has worked in financial services since 1984 and says he decided to retire earlier than planned owing to our Lifestyle Financial Planning service. This gave him the reassurance he needed that he could have the long and comfortable retirement he wanted, only sooner!

2020 was a big year for Ray. Two grand-children arrived, Sophia in June and Oscar in November, he had a big birthday, his wedding was postponed and he retired! As well as spending lots of time with his grand-children Ray is looking forward to getting back into hill walking and extended stays at his lodge in the Lake District. And he is getting married in June.

During his 36 years in financial services, he says the biggest change has been the shift to professionalism and mandatory qualifications in the industry. These changes being enforced by the Regulators and rightly so. Ray originally joined Four Oaks Financial Services partly with a view to his planned retirement. He wanted to be able to retire, knowing his clients would be in safe hands.

Ray has sent his personal thanks to Martin Ward, Managing Director and all the staff that have supported him. With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions we are looking forward to Ray’s “retirement do” and wish him a long and happy retirement.