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Delivering Corporate Financial Planning

At Four Oaks Financial Services we have specialist corporate Financial Advisers, supported by our experienced in-house team. Our Advisers work most effectively with our clients when we work with them on their corporate financial planning and their personal financial planning. This ensures their planning is joined-up, with the aim of helping them achieve their goals, hopes and dreams for both themselves and their business. We also work in conjunction with other professional advisers that assist our clients’ businesses, such as their accountant and solicitor.

We firmly believe that everyone should have their own lifestyle financial plan, and every business should have a financial back-up plan in addition to the overall business plan.

Our Business Financial Planning Service

We provide our clients with:

  • Peace of mind that their hard-earned success will be protected and built upon
  • One less thing to worry about, as we will have regular reviews to keep on track
  • Time saving to enjoy the fruits of their success or become more successful

We provide local financial advice in Lichfield and across the region, to business owners through corporate financial planning advice, corporate protection and managing the personal planning requirements of business owners and their staff.

The main areas of financial planning that we help businesses with are:

  • Corporate Financial Planning Advice
  • Business Protection Advice
  • Workplace Pensions and Auto Enrolment Pensions
  • Employee Benefits Advice (see below)
  • Exit strategy

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate employee benefits advice, exit strategy advice and auto enrolment.

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Our Business Protection Advice

Most people tend to put in place financial protection for their loved ones, but what about protecting their business? What would happen if a key person in the business was suddenly seriously ill, or died?

We strongly recommend that business owners and directors talk to one of our specialist corporate protection Financial Advisers who provide financial advice in Sutton Coldfield and surrounding area.

Who Should You Provide Corporate Protection For?

  • Anyone who has specialist knowledge or skills that are essential for your business to operate
  • Anyone who manages critical customer relationships
  • Decision makers such as Managing Director, owners, partners
  • Shareholders

When the unthinkable happens, it is essential to ensure the financial security of the business, and enable it to carry on trading. This will protect the income of others working in the business and the interests of the key person who is ill or has died.

We help our clients put cost-effective financial back-up plans in place to ensure financial stability and continuity.

With the correct level of business protection your business would be able to:

  • Keep trading
  • Replace vital individuals
  • Protect your corporate debt
  • Buy out a shareholder if they became critically ill or died

Talk to our corporate protection Financial Advisers about:

  • Keyman Insurance (Key Person Protection)
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Business Loan Protection
  • Life Insurance

Keyman Insurance (Also Called Key Person Insurance)

Keyman insurance or as we prefer to call it, Key Person Insurance safeguards a business against financial loss, should a person vital to the business be diagnosed with a critical illness and be unable to work, or if they die.

Keyman or Key Person insurance is a life assurance policy or a life assurance and critical illness policy combined. Whilst these kinds of cover are available to buy on-line there is a great deal of choice and you will need to ensure that any terms and conditions, especially regarding policy provider’s definitions, ensuring specified critical illnesses are fully explained to you and taken into account when choosing the most suitable keyman insurance policy for you. The experience of a qualified financial adviser to properly advise businesses is invaluable. Please contact us.

This kind of insurance is owned and paid for by the employer, so any payout is only payable to the employer and provides a wide range of compensation. For example Key Person protection, or Keyman insurance protects losses by providing funds for temporary personnel or to fund the recruitment of a replacement person.  It can offset lost income from lost sales or contracts or delays to projects caused by the key person’s absence. You can also protect business loans, director loans and overdrafts.  Keyman insurance can cover any person who is directly associated with the company and vital to the success of the business and can include for example important project managers, sales people and people with specialist skills or knowledge in addition to the directors or partners of the business. Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Shareholder Protection Insurance

Shareholder Protection insurance provides peace of mind that if a shareholder was to die the remaining shareholders and the family of the deceased will receive a payout. It ensures that the business continues as smoothly as possible and the family are compensated in a fair and timely manner.

If there is no Shareholder Protection insurance in place, surviving shareholders may not have the funds to buy the shares of the deceased, and family members may find themselves with shares or in the position of having to take part in running the business, when a cash payout would have been much more beneficial to them.

Shareholder Protection policies set out to provide a fair-buyout price and ensure a timely and stress-free process. It is also possible to add critical illness cover to this kind of insurance.  There are three main types of shareholder protection, and each has particular features and benefits that need to be weighed against the personal circumstances of all shareholders and the business.  These include Life of Another policy, Company Share Purchase and an Own Life policy held under business trust.  Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

 Benefits of Corporate Protection

If the business had a loan, with the correct level of protection, business owners will have the comfort of knowing that the loan would be repaid.

By taking out private medical insurance for key individuals, they may be able to return to work earlier.

If a shareholder dies, shares often pass to family members. Proper protection means the existing shareholders will have money available to buy the shares back, thus ensuring control of the business stays with the shareholders and the beneficiary of the deceased estate receives the value of the shares.

Workplace Pensions and Auto Enrolment Pensions

The law on workplace pensions continues to evolve and change. We work with our clients and their employees to ensure they are complying with their requirements and are invested in the most appropriate funds for their circumstances.

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate auto enrolment.

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Employee Benefits

With a record number of people in employment, recruiting good people is not easy. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to retain their key employees and a good way to do this is to have a scheme of employee benefits.

Our specialist corporate Financial Advisers at our office near Lichfield can talk to you about a host of options and they will speak to your employees too, to make sure the benefits you are offering are suitable for their particular circumstances.

Let us talk to you about:

Our qualified financial advisers have the expertise required to help our business clients develop a robust financial planning strategy and decide on the best benefit strategy for them and their employees. This is an integral part of building a successful company.

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate employee benefits advice.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Choosing the Right Corporate Financial Adviser

Our Financial Advisers will discuss your own company needs and help you to make sure the right foundations are in place for your company to thrive when challenges arise. We will check whether your existing plans are fit for purpose, we can make sure trust planning is carried out, and we can make your corporation protection as cost-effective as possible by providing plans whose premiums are tax-deductible.

From straightforward life cover to complex pension planning, our Financial Advisers make the process as pain-free as possible. When advising companies and sole-traders, there are many aspects of the business that must be taken into consideration along-side pension planning and exit planning. Therefore, it is essential to get high quality expert corporate financial advice.

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

At Four Oaks Financial Services we provide access to a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, although all our Advisers are fully qualified to help our clients with both their corporate and personal financial planning needs.

To arrange a meeting with one of our Financial Advisers please contact us.