Treating Customers Fairly Survey Goes Electronic

Financial Advice Sutton ColdfieldSo that we can continually improve what we do, we actively ask our clients for feedback.  We do this through our Treating Customers Fairly questionnaire. This survey asks our clients about our quality of service and how we can make it easier for them to deal with us.  Earlier this year we received feedback from clients saying that they would much prefer this survey to be available to complete online.

So, as of September we made this electronic and we have seen a large increase in the number of clients completing the survey.  This survey goes out shortly after we have completed a piece of work for a client.

We will always offer our clients a choice and will communicate and work with them in the way that they prefer. However, we see the benefit of using technology and have invested heavily in systems, software and hardware to assist our team of Financial Advisers who provide local financial advice in Sutton Coldfield and the wider area.