The Long Walk Was A Long, Long Way

The Long Walkers (Martin Ward front far right, David Jones back far right)
The Long Walkers (Martin Ward front far right, David Jones back far right)

Four Oaks MD, Martin Ward and Financial Adviser, David Jones completed the gruelling walk, just short of 40 miles in one day, in aid of the Buddy Bag Foundation and British Heart Foundation. They and 11 other local businessmen walked from Royal Stoke University Hospital to The Crown Pub in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield.

Four Oaks Financial Services was pleased to sponsor this fundraising event which was organised almost one year to the day that friend and client, Mark Tonks, returned home after suffering a life changing heart attack. Mark suffered the heart attack just after finishing a meeting with Martin Ward and spent the next 25 days in Stock University Hospital, wondering how long it would take to walk home!  Almost £7,000 pounds has already been raised with more donations coming in.

“It was a long, long way”, said Martin Ward, Four Oaks Financial Services, MD. “When we finished people were in pain with feet bruised and blistered.  But, the comradery is my best memory of the day with everyone keeping everyone else going, mile after mile and we all just had one goal which was to do this for the charities we were walking for.The Buddy Bag Foundation has given out over 3,000 bags in the 18 months since they launched.  That’s 3,000 children that they have helped and we couldn’t be more pleased to support them and the British Heart Foundation.”

Martin actually wore his slippers to the office for 3 days after this, but Dave who is a more accomplished walker was pretty much fine. Well done to both of them, this was an amazing effort.  For more information about the Buddy Bag Foundation please visit their website and see how you or your business could make a difference to the lives of children at the 300 refuge centres they support across the entire UK.

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