Our Team Packs Buddy Bags

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Our Team Packing Buddy Bags

Last month we held a very special event. We held a Buddy Bag Brigade just for our team.  If you don’t know what a Buddy Bag Brigade is, it is an organised bag pack were between 180 and 200 back-packs are assembled for children who find themselves in emergency care. And, you can get involved too as our charity, Buddy Bag Foundation, hold bag-packs every month and they always need the help of willing volunteers.

Our team of Financial Advisers who give financial advice near Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas, and all our support staff have done this once before exclusively for Four Oaks Financial Services. But such was the response that members of our team have also helped out on many other occasions individually, so we have almost got this down to a fine art! In a little over 2 hours we were able to pack all the toiletries, underwear, pyjamas, cuddly toys, photo frames and books.  There was a delay when a delivery of pyjamas didn’t arrive.  We gave people the option to go home, but everyone stayed, such is our team-spirit.

Following the bag-pack, two of our team even took a boot full of bags to a women’s refuge quite a few miles away.

To find out more about Buddy Bag Foundation and to perhaps get involved, please follow this link https://buddybagfoundation.co.uk/

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