Moving Forward at Four Oaks!

Gemma Randle, Practice Manager

Four Oaks Financial Services is made up of various departments whose primary focus is to ensure that our clients receive a first-class, professional service.  Our Practice Manager, Gemma Randle, explains some of the ways our company has been developing recently, all of which is aimed at maintaining and enhancing the service we provide.

‘’We are always looking at innovative ways to build and maintain effective processes within the company.  Throughout our departments, the focus is always on delivering the very best experience for our clients; we strive to be the support needed to provide the right outcomes in a timely manner.

Four Oaks Financial Services continues to invest in back-office infrastructure.  We’ve recently introduced a leading telephony system which has allowed the departments and our clients access to new communication technology.  For instance, when our clients call through to the office, they can now speak with their Financial Adviser through a direct extension number, even if the adviser is on their mobile phone out of the office.  Pleasingly, this has had very positive feedback from advisers and clients alike.

Like many other companies during the pandemic, we quickly had to adapt our systems and processes.  We invested heavily in our IT systems so we could continue to operate effectively while our Financial Advisers and support staff were working from home – something we had never had to consider before 2020.  We were very keen to ensure that our clients could still have face-to-face meetings, although they had to be carried out via video link rather than in person.  Trust me when I say this was as big a learning curve for our advisers as it has been for our clients!  The changes remain in place so that we can continue to offer our clients the option of video meetings, though happily our advisers are now able to see clients in person again.  Our support staff are pleased to be back working in the office, though we do still have some hygiene measures in place.

We continue to invest in the training and development of our excellent team of people. Recently we implemented a programme to uplift the skill and knowledge of our Financial Administration team as well as helping and supporting them to undertake financial examinations, providing them with continuing career opportunities at Four Oaks.

As Practice Manager, I’m responsible for the smooth day to day running of the office. This includes making sure our company remains compliant by working within, and keeping up to date with, policies and procedures. This includes our staff completing a First Aid at Work course and a Fire Safety course. The safety and well-being of our staff and clients alike is always our top priority.

I am proud to be the Practice Manager of Four Oaks Financial Services, and I’m excited to tell you that there is more to come throughout 2022. We work hard to provide a financial solution for our clients, but behind the scenes you can see how important it is to us that we are a family-friendly, caring company too.’’