Louise Lakin Celebrates 5 Years’ Service

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Louise Lakin, Client Liaison Executive

We are delighted to celebrate Louise Lakin’s five years of service with Four Oaks Financial Services and hope she treats herself with her gift from the company! As Client Liaison Executive, Louise plays an important role in our Client Liaison team.

Louise remembers that when she joined the business in 2013 the office staff consisted of just two people in a small office and she was employed to provide additional admin help. After returning from maternity leave in 2015 she moved into the newly created Client Liaison department who provide the vital first point of contact for all clients. “I wasn’t sure my new role would generate enough work.” Says Louise.  “How wrong I was! We are always busy providing the first touch point for new clients, ongoing communication with existing clients and making appointments for the Financial Adviser team.  I love helping people and speaking to our clients. In the last five years the company has grown massively, there are lots more people and lots more processes which enables everything to run smoothly.”

We asked Lou what was her best memory of the past five years and she said “The flexibility and warm environment that allowed me to return to work after my maternity leave, and the fact that that this is ongoing and has enabled me to increase my hours whilst also being a busy mother of three children, and the Christmas Do at The Jam House!”

Congratulations Lou, and thank you for all your hard work.