Lily And Emily Pass Personal Taxation Exam

Financial Advice Tamworth
Lily Jackson, Paraplanner

A huge well done from the whole team to Lily Jackson, Paraplanner and Emily Walker, Client Support, on passing their Personal Taxation examination.

Financial Advice Tamworth
Emily Walker, Client Support

The syllabus for this exam is all aspects of taxation, and is very detailed and in-depth covering income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, national insurance contributions and the taxation of investments. This final aspect of the course is very demanding as taxation rules differ for different kinds of investments. Both agreed this level of knowledge will help them in their support roles helping our Financial Advisers who give financial advice in Tamworth and the wider Midlands area.

Lily said “What I found most challenging was the in depth nature of the study material. What we covered was in much greater depth than I would usually cover on a day-to-day basis as a Paraplanner.  I had a good understanding of taxation but this drilled down into much greater detail, and this particular exam has the highest failure rate, so I am really pleased to have passed.”

Emily said “What I found the most challenging was the very broad scope of the course and how tax is calculated and treated differently depending upon the client’s circumstances and the other investments they have. How the benefits of certain investments, should they have them, can link together and affect each other which can influence the tax calculations.”

We are delighted that Emily and Lily have passed their exams and they will be tackling Regulations & Ethics next as they work towards their Diploma in Professional Financial Advice.

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