Kimberley Returns!

Kimberley Malin, Head of Client Support

Kimberley Malin has returned from maternity leave and has resumed her position as the Head of our Client Support Team. In the past nine months Kimberley has got married and is also the proud mum of baby Noah!

“It’s like I have never been away!” Said Kimberley. “The biggest challenge has been getting used to juggling home, baby and work, but it is great to be back and Emily has done a great job standing in whilst I have been away.”

During her maternity leave Kimberley has been kept in the loop on developments both at Four Oaks and in the financial services sector as a whole. This has enabled her to transition smoothly back into her important role.  She has quickly gotten up to speed with updates in processes and changes that occur especially as the new tax year begins on rules.

Whilst Kimberley was away Emily Walker stood in managing the team workload and queries. She also helped to recruit two new team members and get them settled in, up and running.

A huge thank you to Emily for all her hard work, and welcome back Kimberley!

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