Head of Administration Passes R05 Examination

We warmly congratulate Kimberley Bird, Head of Administration on passing her R05 Financial Protection examination. This is the same examination that financial advisers take in order to become a qualified adviser. Kimberley took just 2.5 months to study for and pass this examination which is a fantastic achievement.

The exam covers a broad range of protection products, state benefits, the taxation treatment of protection products, long term care and the skills and knowledge advisers need to advise and sell protection products in the financial services market. At Four Oaks we are committed to training and the personal development of our entire team and this knowledge will help Kimberley in her day to day role and as a key member of our management team.  Kimberley had to work very hard to learn such a vast amount of information and be able to apply this knowledge in the exam especially in such a short space of time.  But she was determined to succeed.  Well done Kimberley!

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