Getting Expert Advice On Private Medical Insurance Is Vital

Private Medical InsuranceOver the past few years the number of providers of private medical insurance has increased and so has the choice of plans that they offer which means there is a wide range of criteria to weight up too. The benefits of having PMI are pretty straight forward in that you generally reduce the amount of time you wait to see a consultant or get your hip replaced and you usually have a private room in which to recover in a nicer environment than an NHS ward.

However, researching what private medical insurance is available and matching this to your individual needs can be very time consuming.  At Four Oaks we talk to our clients about their financial planning needs in a holistic way, and provide local financial advice with the aim of helping our clients achieve their financial goals with appropriate protection should they fall ill or be unable to work.

At Four Oaks we compare private medical insurance from a panel of leading UK providers and offer expert advice on the most suitable cover for you based on your individual circumstances.

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