Four Oaks Financial Advisers Join Brigade

Alan Woolford, Financial Adviser
Mark Timmins, Financial Adviser

Alan Woolford and Mark Timmins are both fully

qualified and experienced Financial Advisers who gave up their spare time (again) to support our charity, The Buddy Bag Foundation. The Buddy Bag Foundation is based in Sutton Coldfield not far from our offices from where we serve our clients in the Sutton, Tamworth and Lichfield areas providing local financial advice. Alan and Mark went along to help pack 200 Buddy Bags. The bags contain essential items for youngsters who have had to leave their homes, owing to some kind of domestic violence or abuse. The bags contain practical things like toothbrushes and pyjamas and other items such as a teddy bear to help the child in their transition to their new surroundings and situation. To find out more about The Buddy Bag Foundation click here.

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