Four Oaks Adviser To Walk 40 Miles In One Day

Financial Protection Adviser
David Jones, Protection Adviser will walk 40 miles in one day

Two years ago one of our clients suffered a major heart attack. This was out of the blue and he found himself in hospital in Stoke for a number of weeks.  Whilst there he wondered how long it would take him to walk home.  Last year he found out, because he did the walk with a group of local business people, including our MD Martin Ward and Protection Adviser David Jones, raising a staggering £10,000 for charity.  David has volunteered to do the walk again and this is taking place on the 30th April.  David who is an active member of the Army Reserves will not only be walking but he will also be helping to look after the other walkers feet and wellbeing during what is a grueling day, last year taking over 14 hours to complete the walk.

This year the walkers are supporting two local charities, The Buddy Bag Foundation, which is also Four Oaks Financial Services designated charity and Footsteps Counselling & Support.  Four Oaks is one of the walk sponsors and Martin Ward will this year be part of the road crew supporting the walkers as they journey from The Stoke Royal University Hospital to The Crown in Four Oaks. If you would like to find out more or make a donation please visit

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