EU Referendum – A Message From Our Financial Adviser Team

As your Financial Advisers we are here to look after all your financial matters and take the burden of worry from you. A few of our clients have become concerned about the impact of the EU Referendum on them and their investments – please rest-assured that your investments are being managed through this event.

Leading up to the vote on 23rd June, we’ve all been presented with countless views and theories on how the result could effect us. Whether that be from the many news outlets, political figures, leaders of industry or through social media, friends and family or even the overheard conversation on the train – one thing is for certain – it’s become extremely difficult to see the wood for the trees.

People who are and remain invested in a diversified portfolio are well-positioned to see through any short-term market turbulence and the range of potential implications. Your investments are held in a diversified portfolio which has been tailored to your own personal circumstances and attitude to risk. Remaining invested in this way will give you the best opportunity to go on to achieve your long term investment goals.

Times such as this can often make people a little nervous and apprehensive about their savings. Please rest-assured that we, as well as the experts that actively manage your investments, are confident that by staying invested you’ll benefit in the medium to long-term.

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