Does Critical Illness Insurance Still Have A Role To Play?

Critical Illness Insurance
What Would Happen If You Were Too Ill To Work?

Cancer, heart attack, stroke and multiple sclerosis are the most common conditions claimed for on Critical Illness Insurance policies. None of us want to think about ourselves, partner or child getting a bad diagnosis but sadly people do and it happens every day. In the past this type of insurance had quite a poor reputation because insurers had lots of leeway that resulted in many claims not being successful. Thankfully, this is in the past and Critical Illness Insurance now covers more illnesses and conditions and there is a wide range of options including guaranteed plans, reviewable plans and inflation linked cover to name a few.

You can do your own research but this will take up your valuable time, or you could ask one of our Advisers to research Critical Illness Insurance on your behalf and recommend suitable policies tailored to your particular circumstances. Visit our financial protection page for more information.

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