Congratulations To Yomi On The Birth Of His New Son

Financial Adviser Sutton Coldfield
L – R Martin Ward, Lisa Arnold, Yomi Bashorun & Tobi, Ian Cleghorn, Simon Trevelyan

Financial Adviser, Yomi Bashorun has recently become a father for the first time. His son Oluwatobi, Tobi for short, is almost a month old, he had a water birth and weighed in at a healthy 7.7lbs.  Yomi’s wife is fine and there were no complications.

One month on Yomi said he was warned about the amount of work and lack of sleep that comes with the birth of a baby, he thought he was prepared, but it has still been a bit of a shock! After being present at the birth he also now has a new found respect for women and what they go through! Already Yomi can’t imagine life without Tobi and is sure he will be an avid Manchester United fan, just like his dad.

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