Congratulations to Lianne Flello

Financial services
Lianne Flello Passes Exam

Mortgage and Protection Adviser, Lianne Flello has passed her RO1 examination. She already has her RO2 qualification and is planning to take her RO3 exam in September.

The RO1 qualification covers financial services, regulations and ethics and required Lianne to investigate the purpose and structure of the UK financial service industry, regulatory framework, powers and responsibilities to protect the consumer, legal concepts and considerations relevant to financial advice and the Code of Ethics and its impact on the business behaviours of individuals.

Lianne said “We take ethics and treating our clients fairly extremely seriously at Four Oaks, and this is the overall focus of the RO1 qualification. I think it is very important that we are all formally trained in this area, as well as receiving the ongoing training that we receive in-house at Four Oaks.”

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