Almost A Third Of UK Employees Don’t Have A Financial Back Up Plan!

Critical Illness LichfieldResearch1 shows that nearly a third of employed people in the UK don’t have any contingency in place should they suddenly lose their primary source of income.  If you lost your job, that would be bad enough.  But imagine that you lost your income because you were sick.

Figures from Macmillan and the British Heart Foundation show that in the region of 1,000 people every day are diagnosed with cancer and nearly 200,000 people have heart attacks each year in the UK.

What if…. you were one of those people? How would you and your family cope financially?  Critical Illness Insurance can pay out a lump sum that may enable you to stop working or go part-time so you can concentrate on getting better.  This can be combined with life insurance, or you may wish to look at other financial protection options.  For peace of mind talk to your Financial Adviser about your circumstances and if Critical Illness Insurance is right for you.

1Legal & General, 2017

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