5 Years’ Service Award For Emily Walker

Financial Advice Local To Lichfield
Emily Walker and Martin Ward – MD Four Oaks Financial Services

Congratulations to Emily Walker on five years’ service here at Four Oaks Financial Services. Emily’s career as a valued member of our team is a terrific success story.  She started on an Apprenticeship in Administration, which not only gave her work experience but she was also able to study for qualifications in communications and general administration.

When her Apprenticeship ended, we welcomed Emily into our Client Support team as a full-time member of staff. As her skills and knowledge developed Emily was promoted to Senior Administrator and a few months later took on the role of Head Of Administration when the manager was on maternity leave.  Having done a fantastic job leading the department, Emily took the opportunity to become part of our in-house training academy.  She is working towards being qualified to the same level as our Financial Advisers.  She has passed two exams already and is well on her journey to achieve the Level 4 Diploma in Financial Advice and from there will see where her career opportunities take her.

Emily’s current role is working alongside our most senior Financial Adviser who provides financial advice local to Lichfield and the wider Midlands area.

Emily said “What I love about working here is the variety of products, services and processes there are to explore, study and learn about. There is always someone who can help with knowledge and advice as I progress in my career whether that be one of my colleagues in Paraplanning or one of our Financial Advisers. Each time I have been given more responsibility I feel that the company has trust and faith in me to do a good job, which I really appreciate.”

Congratulations Emily from all your colleagues and we hope you enjoy your gift from the company.

Would You Be Happy To Hand Over £60,000 To The Taxman?

Financial Adviser local to Tamworth

If you don’t do anything about Inheritance Tax Planning this could happen, and much more than £60,000 could go to the taxman, instead of your family.

Imagine this scenario. You invested £100,000 and it grew by 50% in 7 years. You would feel pretty happy now that your investment is worth £150,000.  The next day the investment is cashed in but you only get £90,000. What could have happened?  The answer is you died and your beneficiaries had to pay £60,000 to the taxman in Inheritance Tax.

If the total value of your house, other properties, assets, investments and savings amounts to more than the Inheritance Tax threshold of £325,000 your family will have to pay 40% tax on any amount above the threshold.

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

The FCA do not regulate inheritance tax planning.

At Four Oaks Financial Services our Financial Advisers in Tamworth and surrounding area are fully qualified to give advice on Estate Planning. In the scenario it would have been possible to invest the £100,000 so that it wouldn’t be liable to Inheritance Tax.  Make the most of the financial planning opportunities available and speak to your Financial Adviser.

Hello Freddie Banks!

Financial Advice Sutton Coldfield
Proud dad Mark with baby Freddie

We are delighted to announce that Mark Banks has become a father for the first time. Baby Freddie was born on 11th September weighing in at a healthy 6lb 4oz.  Both mum, Vicki and baby are doing fine.  But, like most babies, Freddie is nocturnal and Mark is still adjusting to interrupted sleep!

Freddie who has visited the office on a couple of occasions is growing fast but is not yet big enough to fit into the Walsall Football Club baby-grow Mark bought for him. Mark is a season ticket holder at the Saddlers and can’t wait for Freddie to be able to join him when Walsall play at home. The football ground is sponsored by Banks’s so we’re sure Freddie will get a font row seat!

Great news and congratulations to Mark and Vicki on the birth of their son from all the Advisers who provide financial advice in Sutton Coldfield and the entire support team.

Harriet Walks And Races For Charity

Financial Adviser Sutton ColdfieldHarriet has been doing her bit for charity! Harriet Partridge is one of our Financial Administrators in our Client Support Team, providing admin for our team of Financial Advisers local to Sutton Coldfield.  Harriet has recently completed the Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk and the Race For Life in support of Cancer Research UK.  Both events took place in Sutton Park.

Harriet had personal reasons for doing each of these fund-raising events, but especially the 3km Memory Walk which she, her daughter, mum and aunt did together in memory of Harriet’s grand-mother. Her grand-mother had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for many years, and Harriet witnessed how such a strong woman who had brought up seven children on her own was affected by this illness and wanted to raise money for the research that may prevent or cure Alzheimer’s in the future.

The inspiration to do the 10km Race For Life came from Harriet’s step-mum, who is a cancer survivor. Harriet, her six year old daughter, her sister and friends all took part in this women-only event – she said it was more of a walk than a run! The money raised will help to fund research into finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Well done, Harriet!

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Mark Banks Awarded Diploma in Financial Advice

Financial Advice Sutton ColdfieldCongratulations to Paraplanner Mark Banks on passing his final professional qualification to earn the Diploma in Financial Advice. Mark joined Four Oaks Financial Services in 2013 and is a fantastic example of how hard work, determination and a career path with our firm pays off.  Upon passing his 6th examination he has gone from a junior administrator five years ago to fully qualified.  This means that he is now qualified to the same level as our Financial Advisers. For the time-being Mark has no plans to move from Paraplanning, but may switch to becoming an Adviser in the future.

Mark would like to thank Chartered Financial Planner, Ian Cleghorn and John Smith, our Head of Paraplanning for helping him with his studies, although he says that everyone in the team has been very supportive. “I love being part of the Paraplanning Team.” says Mark.  “There is always a great atmosphere and I am always learning and gaining experience.”

In his Paraplanning role Mark meets daily to discuss cases with our fully qualified Financial Advisers local to Sutton Coldfield and working across the region. Having recently become a father he is taking a break from exams for a while but is planning to study to become a Chartered Financial Planner in the not too distant future.

Well done Mark, it is very difficult to achieve the Diploma and you’ve done it!

Financial Adviser Nic Whittaker Celebrates 5 Years’ Service

Financial Advice Lichfield
Nic Whittaker, Financial Adviser

Congratulations to Financial Adviser, Nic Whittaker on completing 5 years’ service at Four Oaks Financial Services.

Nic joined the practice as a Mortgage and Protection Adviser, but within a few weeks he had passed his professional examinations and became a fully qualified Financial Adviser. In the last five years Nic has seen the business move from a small office to large modern premises, and the overall service offering has improved. “As an Adviser I’ve got a lot more to offer to clients.” Says Nic.  “The Adviser team, myself included, is much more qualified and we have specialists in all areas so as a firm we can now offer Lifestyle Financial Planning, Equity Release and Final Salary Pension Transfers. The launch of Four Oaks Legal Services has meant that we can completely look after our clients’ financial planning, all under one roof.”

Nic is a well-respected member of our Financial Adviser team who provide financial advice local to Lichfield and across the wider area. He has been in financial services for 17 years and has a great deal of experience, which he is happy to share, especially with new Advisers and helping them to settle in.

We asked Nic what was his best memory of the last five years. Nic said “Apart from my first interview when I was suffering from tonsillitis and shingles, my best memory is a continuous memory of the last five years. Four Oaks Financial Services has given me everything I’ve got and ever wanted in my career and it is always a great place to work.”

Congratulations Nic and we hope you enjoy your gift from the Company.

Equity Release will reduce the value of your estate and can affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.

Transferring out of a Final Salary scheme is unlikely to be in the best interests of most people.

However, there are some circumstances where we might consider a Defined Benefits transfer.

Four Oaks Legal Services Limited is not an appointed representative of Intrinsic Financial Planning or Intrinsic Mortgage Planning and Intrinsic is not responsible for the activities provided by Four Oaks Legal Services Limited.

Do You Have Pensions With Former Employers?

Pensions Sutton ColdfieldWhen you have changed jobs you may have left behind a pension with your old employer. If you have changed jobs several times you may have pension plans with several of your previous employers.

You may not have reviewed these pensions, no matter how large or small, for a number of years. You may be assuming that your previous employer is taking care of them on your behalf.  The problem is that the pension may not be invested in funds that reflect your risk profile, especially as you get closer to retirement, and they could be in old pension schemes that incur high charges, which eat into the value of your pension pot.

One of our Financial Advisers, who give financial advice local to Sutton Coldfield an across the area, can take a look ‘under the bonnet’ so to speak. They can review all of your pensions no matter where they are held and find out how they are performing for you.  They will be able to explain what you’ve got and, depending upon your unique circumstances, advise you on whether to keep them where they are, or if there are other pension funds that you can move them to that will give you a better return.  It is always wise to regularly review your pensions and other investments to ensure they are on-track to meet your goals.

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

We’re Recruiting Financial Advisers Looking To Retire

Local financial adviceWe want to talk to established Financial Advisers who are seriously thinking about retirement so we can discuss our exit solution.

If you are a qualified Financial Adviser who is looking to retire in the next few years you are probably looking for a seamless way to ensure your clients are well looked after in the future. By joining our team you will be supported by our in-house back-office staff for as long as you want to continue working.  Then, when you are ready to retire you will be confident that your colleagues at Four Oaks Financial Services will carry on looking after your clients, and your clients will already know who we are and be confident that their investments are in safe hands.

As you approach retirement our aim is for you to focus on servicing your clients for as long as you want to, leaving us to support you with:

Administration, Paraplanning, Compliance, Marketing, Appointment Making and so on.

We are a highly ethical and respected firm of advisers providing expert financial advice throughout the Midlands area. Follow this link to our Careers page to find out more.  We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Louise Lakin Celebrates 5 Years’ Service

local financial adviser
Louise Lakin, Client Liaison Executive

We are delighted to celebrate Louise Lakin’s five years of service with Four Oaks Financial Services and hope she treats herself with her gift from the company! As Client Liaison Executive, Louise plays an important role in our Client Liaison team.

Louise remembers that when she joined the business in 2013 the office staff consisted of just two people in a small office and she was employed to provide additional admin help. After returning from maternity leave in 2015 she moved into the newly created Client Liaison department who provide the vital first point of contact for all clients. “I wasn’t sure my new role would generate enough work.” Says Louise.  “How wrong I was! We are always busy providing the first touch point for new clients, ongoing communication with existing clients and making appointments for the Financial Adviser team.  I love helping people and speaking to our clients. In the last five years the company has grown massively, there are lots more people and lots more processes which enables everything to run smoothly.”

We asked Lou what was her best memory of the past five years and she said “The flexibility and warm environment that allowed me to return to work after my maternity leave, and the fact that that this is ongoing and has enabled me to increase my hours whilst also being a busy mother of three children, and the Christmas Do at The Jam House!”

Congratulations Lou, and thank you for all your hard work.