Why You Need Mortgage Advice In Sutton Coldfield

Mortgages in Sutton ColdfieldIt is very important to get professional help when you are looking for mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield. The reason it is so important to get advice when considering your mortgage options is because you need to make sure you are prepared as possible before you apply for a mortgage.

Simple steps like checking your credit score is ok, and getting on the electoral register so that your name and address can be verified, will put you in good stead. Our Advisers will be able to give you mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield to ensure you are in the best position to have your mortgage application approved, for example they will suggest things like making sure your credit cards and other loans are paid regularly and on-time in the months before you make your application.  They will also tell you that you will need ID so to make sure your passport and driving licence show your current address, and that you have important financial documents like bank statements, payslips and P60s to hand.

If you are self-employed and in need of mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield our Advisers will tell you that you will need an SA302 form relating to the last two to three years from HMRC, or your full accounts for the same period. Following the financial crash in 2008 lenders now scrutinise your financial position very carefully before they will agree to a mortgage.

Lenders need to feel comfortable that you manage your money in a responsible manner and live within your means. They will also need to feel sure that if interest rates were to increase you would still be able to make your monthly repayments.  When taking mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield you will be advised to take a critical look at your spending well ahead of applying for a mortgage.  This will give you the opportunity to stop any standing orders for things you no longer use or need, such as gym memberships.  Our Advisers will also suggest that you save as big a deposit as you can because the bigger the deposit, the less you will have to repay and the better the mortgage deal you are likely to get.

An important aspect of getting mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield from one of our team of Advisers at Four Oaks Financial Services, is that we don’t just deal with mortgages. By working with a fully qualified financial adviser you will receive advice on all aspects of your financial planning.  Your mortgage will probably be the biggest single loan you ever take out, and almost certainly over the longest period of time.  Therefore, it is important to get this right and make sure the mortgage is the most appropriate for your circumstances and future financial planning goals.

You might already have a mortgage and are looking to downsize, you may be looking for a re-mortgage to fund home improvements or you may be taking your first steps on the housing ladder.  Whatever your reasons for seeking mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield one of our Advisers would love to talk to you.

Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on the mortgage.

When you work with Four Oaks Financial Services your first meeting with one of our Financial Advisers for mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield is at our cost and without obligation. Ask about our mortgage support team when you contact us to discuss your requirements.