Why Are We Sponsoring The Lichfield Half Marathon?

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Martin Ward, MD, Four Oaks Financial Services

None of us are runners.  It wasn’t something we had thought about. Then we were approached by the organisers, and suddenly it was obvious that this was something that we should do and now the whole team is buzzing with excitement.

In fact, we got so excited that we struck a deal to rename the event The Four Oaks Financial Services Lichfield Half Marathon. And we will be the sole sponsors for both 2020 and 2021.

We decided to do this for a lot of different reasons, some commercial, of course.  Some much more personal. We are one of the largest and most respected firms of financial advisers local to Lichfield with a 14 strong team of advisers.  Many of us live in Lichfield, were educated in Lichfield, we have a lot of clients in Lichfield and we have a great sense of community and we want to do our bit to give back and support Lichfield.

Commercially being the sole sponsor will generate a lot of publicity for us, and more people will get to know about us and what we offer.  We also think that we can put on the best Lichfield Half Marathon ever, because of our natural obsession with planning and getting things done professionally.  Good traits to have for a firm of financial advisers in Lichfield! We are working closely with the organisers, KP Events.

Lichfield Half Marathon
In Memory of George Chaplin

On a personal level we are working hard to raise funds for an ECG Machine for Avon 3 Ward at Worcester Royal Infirmary.  Earlier this year our MD’s father-in-law George, passed away.  He died of heart failure and on the day he died, there had been a delay getting an ECG machine to him as there are only three in the

entire hospital. We are inviting runners entering the half marathon to fund raise for this machine in memory of George, or for our charity Buddy Bag Foundation, at a reduced entry fee.

Buddy Bag Foundation is a local charity that works nationwide to help children in emergency care.  We have supported them for many years, our staff regularly help to pack Buddy Bags, we hold an annual Buddy Bag Pack when all of us as a firm pack around 200 Buddy Bags.  We also help by getting items for their bags and fundraising.  Find out more here.

We began by saying that none of us were runners.  Well quite a few of us, and our families are well on our way to becoming runners because we have entered the Four Oaks Financial Services Lichfield Half Marathon.  We are in training for the 13.1 mile race.  Our current personal bests are around 2 days, but we have faith that we will improve!

To find out more or to sponsor us please follow these links:

Our Four Oaks Financial Services Lichfield Half Marathon web page

To donate to Buddy Bag Foundation https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/fouroaksfs

To donate to ECG Machine https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/martin-ward-lichfield-half-marathon

To enter the event.

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Keep your eye on our news page for the latest on the preparations for The Four Oaks Financial Services Lichfield Half Marathon. We hope to see you there on Sunday 10th May 2020.