Top Tips For First Time Buyers On Getting A Mortgage In Tamworth

Mortgage Advice Tamworth There are three top priority things to think about when you are looking to get your first mortgage whether you live in Tamworth or the surrounding areas.

Firstly, plan ahead. At least six months ahead.  Secondly, get local professional financial advice and thirdly, make sure your finances are in order.  All of these things are equally important in our view.

You need to plan ahead because you need to make sure your finances are in a good place to be scrutinized by a prospective lender. Our mortgage advisers provide advice in Tamworth and across the area, and they suggest that you don’t make any new credit applications in the six months before you apply for your first time buyer mortgage.  It is also important to keep up to date with credit card payments, mobile phone contacts and other monthly bills.  This will show that you are a reliable and responsible borrower.  You could also cancel any monthly subscriptions that you no longer use such as a gym membership, and cut down on the amount you spend on non-essential items or entertainment in the months running up to applying for your mortgage.

We also believe that professional local advice is essential. We can search many different lenders across the UK mortgages sector to find the mortgage most appropriate for your specific needs.  Also, because our mortgage advisers are local people based at our office near Tamworth they know the area, they know the local estate agents and other professionals such as surveyors and solicitors and will hold your hand throughout the process from applying for your mortgage through to the day you move in.  And, we hope your relationship with us doesn’t end there.  We hope that you will seek the help of one of our financial advisers on other financial planning requirements you may have from time to time.

Your first meeting with one of our mortgage advisers is at our cost and without obligation. So get in touch and make an appointment to talk about your options.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on the mortgage.

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