Mortgage Advice Sutton Coldfield From Our New Female Mortgage Advisers

L – R Charlotte Trueman, Head of Client Support and Advisers Karen Hagan, Susie Leek, Sue Cassar and Emily Walker

Seeking any kind of financial advice can be daunting, and looking for mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield is no exception.  We’ve had feedback from female clients that although they have no problem talking to a man about their finances, sometimes they would prefer to speak to a woman.  The reasons we’ve been given suggest that another woman might better understand their circumstances, especially when it comes to getting mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield if this is owing to a divorce or separation.

Sometimes, female clients come to us seeking advice owing to the breakdown of a relationship and this has resulted in the family home being sold, or them having to move out of the family home, or they need a mortgage in order to remain in the family home. This may well be the first time they have had to contemplate having a mortgage in their own right and getting mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield from a female adviser is something they would value.

At Four Oaks Financial Services we have four female advisers in our team.  Emily Walker specialises in mortgages and financial protection, as does Susie Leek. Sue Cassar is qualified to provide advice on all aspects of financial planning, including mortgage advice for Sutton Coldfield clients, and of course clients who live further afield. Our fourth female financial adviser is Karen Hagan, who has a passion for financial protection, pension planning and investments.

Sue Cassar has worked in the financial services sector for many years, and as a Financial Adviser she believes that her role is not to “sell” financial products, such as mortgages, but to use her skills and knowledge to help her clients get what they want to achieve.

Emily is a qualified Mortgage & Protection Adviser.  But before she qualified, she was a member of our team at Four Oaks Financial Services for over 5 years, working along-side and supporting our team of Financial Advisers especially helping our clients with their mortgage applications.

Susie Leek is an experienced Mortgage & Protection Adviser, having spent many years in the role of Mortgage & Protection Manager at HSBC. Therefore, with Emily, Susie and Sue on hand any client seeking mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield from a female adviser will be in exceptionally good hands.

The first meeting with any of our financial advisers is at our cost and without obligation. We are well-known for making our advice easy to understand and will always provide advice that we believe is in the best interests of our client. We promise to always be honest, open and transparent. So, if you are feeling daunted by the prospect of seeking mortgage advice in Sutton Coldfield please contact us and we will be happy to help.