Looking For Life Insurance In Tamworth?

Life Insurance TamworthWe always recommend getting local financial advice from a trusted local financial adviser. If you live in the Tamworth area and you are looking for Life Insurance, look no further than Four Oaks Financial Services.  All of our Advisers are qualified to give financial protection advice.

Thinking about life insurance is not a nice task. But if you want to ensure that your family can still afford to live if you die, then it is sensible task.  You may not know this, but critical illness insurance can often be combined with life insurance and this can provide a cash sum on the diagnosis of a serious illness.  In other words. you don’t have to die to benefit from this kind of combined policy, and you can concentrate on treatment and getting better, rather than worrying about money.

Protecting a mortgage is one of the most common reasons why people take out life insurance, because they want to make sure their family can keep the roof over their heads if the worst were to happen.

But, there are many other costs to take into account. For example the unpaid duties that a parent just does as a matter of course, such as childcare, cooking and cleaning.  Duties that if you were no longer around would still need to be done but would need to be paid for.  Having life insurance gives your family choices.  Your spouse or partner may want to carry out those unpaid parental duties themselves and getting a pay-out could mean they can afford to work shorter hours or not work at all.

Life insurance provides a lump sum on death, unless you bundle it with critical illness or wider protection insurance, which can cover you for accident as well as sickness.

There is no one-size fits all, and there are a wide range of policies and benefits available. Talking to one of our expert Advisers will help you make the right choices for you and your family in your unique circumstances.

Your first meeting with one of our Advisers is at our cost and without obligation. So get in touch and make an appointment to talk about your options.

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