Is It Easy To Get Financial Advice In Sutton Coldfield?

Lifestyle Financial PlanningWhere would you go to get financial advice in Sutton Coldfield? You would probably ask friends and family for a recommendation, or perhaps Google it?

At Four Oaks Financial Services by far most of our business comes from the personal recommendation of our clients who have been happy with our service and have been kind enough to pass our details to their friends, family and colleagues at work or in business.

We have a team of Financial Advisers who provide professional, expert financial advice in Sutton Coldfield. All of our Advisers are qualified, but did you know that to give advice on some aspects of financial planning an Adviser needs extra qualifications.  This includes Financial Planning for Long Term Care and for Advanced Pension Planning.  So, when looking for financial advice in Sutton Coldfield it is always worth checking the qualifications of the person you are considering working with.

At Four Oaks Financial Services our clients not only have access to well qualified and experienced Financial Advisers, but they also have access to a Chartered Financial Planner, who is part of our team of Advisers and works on our most complex cases. Having such a wide range of qualified Advisers in our team, with many years of experience, makes it extremely easy for our clients to deal with us as we can handle all aspects of financial planning under one roof.  This is ideal if you are looking for financial advice in Sutton Coldfield.

An important aspect of choosing a Financial Adviser is to find out about how they work with their clients and whether they have a long-term relationship approach or are more inclined to work on one-off transactions.

We believe that financial advice in Sutton Coldfield can only be based upon a thorough understanding of our clients’ life goals and aspirations. We call this Lifestyle Financial Planning.  We believe that the role of a Financial Adviser is to help our clients make decisions that will enable them to achieve their goals at every stage of their life, including their retirement and beyond, when we can help with funding of long term care or helping their family with their estate.

Your first meeting with one of our Financial Advisers to discuss financial advice in Sutton Coldfield is at our cost and without obligation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.