Our Team Night Out At The Ruby In Lichfield

We believe it is important to get together outside of work and recently had a fantastic evening at the highly regarded restaurant, The Ruby in Lichfield. Most of our team were able to attend, and this included our admin, Paraplanning and support staff, as well as our team of financial advisers who provide financial advice in Sutton Coldfield and across the Midlands.

The next day MD, Martin Ward was hiking up Snowdon to raise money for the Stroke Unit at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, so we held a raffle for two tickets to the Panto at The Garrick Theatre and raised over £40 in addition to what had already been donated via Just Giving. The staff at The Ruby looked after us very well. We have a few people with special diets and they were well catered for and the food was amazing as usual. We may be visiting more often as the family of our new Protection Adviser, Wai-Lee Ho own the restaurant.Financial advice Sutton Coldfield

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Getting Pensions Advice In Lichfield Could Impact Your Retirement Plans

Pensions Advice LichfieldNo aspect of your finances should be left alone and shoved in a drawer. In this day and age everything connected to your financial planning, and especially your pension, should be reviewed on a regular basis by a qualified pensions adviser who provides pensions advice local to Lichfield or near to where you live.

If you have a pension with an old employer you may think that you have got your retirement planning sorted.  To be absolutely sure, it is prudent that you ask a local retirement adviser, such as one of the experienced financial advisers in our team in Lichfield, to undertake a review.

You may not know about all the changes that have occurred in the pensions arena in recent years. You could find that your old pension incurs more charges than a modern pension, or that your loved ones will not get your pension should you die.  Pensions advice in Lichfield is a real must do.

Let’s explore in a little more detail what might happen if you die. If you have an older-style pension you could find that when you pass away your pension just stops being paid and the pension company gets what is left in your pension pot.  With a modern pension plan if you die your family should get what’s left and they will get it in an Inheritance Tax friendly way. That’s just one reason to get pensions advice in Lichfield.

With an old pension you may find that the funds the pension is invested in are no longer the right ones for you, or that it isn’t flexible and drawdown friendly.  If you are not familiar with the word drawdown, this is another way to get your pension rather than buying an annuity, which is how most older-style pensions are set up.

Did you know that you can have your pension reviewed at any time? And, if it is appropriate for your circumstances, you can decide to transfer your pension to a plan that is more suitable for you.

If you have not had an old pension with a former employer reviewed ever, or during the past few years we strongly suggest that you get pensions advice in Lichfield.

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Transferring out of a Final Salary scheme is unlikely to be in the best interests of most people.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate on Estate Planning.

Lisa Arnold Receives Quarterly Recognition Award

Financial Adviser LichfieldEvery quarter as a team we give special recognition to someone who has made a positive contribution to the business. For the quarter April to June 2019 we are delighted to announce that the recipient of the Quarterly Recognition Award is Financial Administrator, Lisa Arnold.

Owing to unforeseen circumstances, Lisa willingly and ably stepped up-to-the-plate taking on additional work which included ensuring everything was in place for the re-brand of the network we belong to, which took place on 1st July. Lisa has also taken on extra liaison and monitoring duties for compliance matters.  This involves working closely with our Financial Advisers who provide financial advice local to Lichfield and our in-house support teams. This work can be complex and time consuming.

“It is no hardship doing any job that needs doing”, says Lisa “Especially when this helps our clients or my colleagues. I feel really appreciated though; this is a really nice ‘thank you’ from everyone.”

Well done and thank you Lisa!

Charlotte Holmes Returns From Maternity Leave

Financial Advice Sutton ColdfieldWe are so pleased that Charlotte is back with us in our Client Support team. Following what Charlotte has described as an extremely difficult pregnancy, she is back in the office working one day per week, and has actually returned after nine months, three months earlier than originally planned.

Returning to her existing role, supporting our financial advisers who provide financial advice in Sutton Coldfield; over the next few weeks Charlotte will be getting up to speed with the new processes and procedures put in place whilst she has been away. From 1st August she will be working 3 days per week, and her ambition is to become a mortgage and financial protection adviser.  She has already passed one examination and will be joining colleagues in the Four Oaks Financial Services Training Academy to continue her studies.

Charlotte says “It is nice to be back at work! Everyone in the company has been so supportive during an extremely difficult pregnancy with more issues than usual. After working full-time, it was strange being away, it was almost like being away from family. I am really pleased that I have been offered a gradual return to work. Everyone is brilliant to work with, so I wasn’t worried about coming back at all.”

Charlotte kept in touch on a weekly basis with the Client Support team and also saw them socially and she also brought baby Olivia in to see us on several occasions. Good to have you back!

Announcing Protection Adviser Sue Cassar Has Joined Our Team

Financial Advice LichfieldWe are delighted to announce that Sue Cassar has joined our team as a Protection Adviser. Sue has worked in the Financial Services sector for many years.  She has a background in financial education and was a regional manager at the Financial Conduct Authority formally known at the Financial Services Authority and the Money Advice Service, now the Money and Pensions Service. In this role Sue worked with FTSE 250 businesses and Councils and third sector organisations across the Midlands.

Sue had looked at becoming an Adviser some time ago, but did not find a firm that shared her values and ethics. Hearing that we had an opportunity for an Adviser, and knowing us by reputation, she met with MD Martin Ward and we are very pleased that she has joined us.

“I decided to join the team at Four Oaks Financial Services because of the flexibility and support that is on offer to Advisers and because of the way they work with clients.” Says Sue “My colleagues share the belief that financial services is not about selling products, it’s about the person we are helping, and what they want to achieve. As a Protection Adviser I am working with clients who want to protect the thing that is most important in the world, their families.”

In her spare time Sue keeps fit line dancing, and her claim to fame is that her uncle was a member of The Shadows before they got famous. Apparently, it was her Grandma’s opinion that there was no future in the band for him!  Welcome to our team Sue!

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Thinking Of Paying Off Your Mortgage Early? Talk To Your Financial Adviser First

Mortgages Sutton ColdfieldAccording to research from Santander overpaying a relatively small amount each month on your mortgage repayment can save thousands of pounds and take months, if not years, off your mortgage term.

We are not saying that this is too good to be true. But there may be rules attached and other things to consider, which is why we highly recommend you talk to your financial adviser who provides local financial advice in Sutton Coldfield and across the Midlands.

You will need to check if your mortgage plan allows you to make overpayments or if there is a limit to the amount you can overpay. Possibly more importantly if you are on your lender’s standard variable rate, they tend to be expensive and you could be paying more than you need to each month.  You may want to ask your financial adviser to review your current mortgage as there may be a better rate and overall deal for your specific circumstances.  Also, if you are planning to repay your mortgage because of a property sale or inheritance there may be a penalty for early repayment.

Think carefully before securing your debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

You can talk to your Financial Adviser about any issue related to mortgages. Contact our Client Liaison Team on 0121 323 2070 to make an appointment.

Emily Walker Becomes A Qualified Mortgage And Protection Adviser

Mortgage advice Lichfield
Emily Walker, Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Many of our clients will know Emily as she has been a member of our team for over 5 years. We are absolutely delighted to announce that Emily has achieved her qualifications to become a Mortgage & Protection Adviser and is now working full-time in this new role.

Emily is a shining example of a person who joined us as a junior member of our Client Support team but has grasped the career progression opportunities we offer at Four Oaks Financial Services. She is just two examinations away from becoming a fully qualified Financial Adviser, but for the moment she wants to focus on providing her clients with mortgage advice and financial protection advice local to Lichfield and across the wider area.

“Martin Ward has been a huge help.” Says Emily. “Over the years he has given me the opportunity to take on more responsibility and new roles, and his faith in me has given me the confidence to go further in my career. I’ve also had incredible support from the senior management team and my colleagues.”

Having worked on the administrative-side of financial services Emily has a rare combination of knowledge and experience. She knows the quirks of some of the mortgage and protection providers and exactly what information needs to be submitted to ensure a swift and positive outcome for clients.

In her spare time Emily enjoys fly-fishing with her dad and grand-dad. She is a member of Blithfield Anglers at Blithfield Reservoir but has been fishing since she could walk.

Congratulations Emily and we all wish you continued success in your career.

Safeguard Your Business With Keyman Insurance in Lichfield

keyman insurance lichfieldYou will have people in your business who are key players in the success or failure of your company. Keyman insurance for a Lichfield business could save you from disaster. This business protection is also known as Key Person Protection and Key Person Insurance.

It is not something any of us like to think about, but every day people are diagnosed with critical illnesses and we often hear of people who die unexpectedly. Whilst this is distressing for their family it can be devastating for their work colleagues.  Keyman insurance for Lichfield based businesses is well worth thinking about.

This kind of cover protects businesses from the crippling financial and operational effects of a key person dying or being unable to work and is widely available. But it is essential to get business related financial advice from an adviser who will take time to understand your business and is experienced and able to advise you correctly.  You need to be careful to ensure that you understand what critical illnesses are covered, as if they are not specified in the policy you may not get the payout you need.  Also, there will be terms and conditions that apply to the keyman insurance for your Lichfield business.

There is a lot more information on our Corporate Financial Services Page but in short you can safeguard your business by protecting losses caused by a key person not being able to work, protecting business loans, overdrafts or investments.  With a payout from a keyman insurance your Lichfield based business could find and hire a replacement because the danger is you try to carry on but without the skills or knowledge of the key person whilst increasing the workload of colleagues, which is not sustainable in the longer term.

As Financial Advisers in we have a great deal of experience providing businesses in Lichfield with Keyman Insurance. Our first meeting is at our cost and without obligation. Please contact us to see how we can help.

Protection Adviser Wai-Lee Ho Joins Our Team

critical illness insurance Lichfield
Wai-Lee Ho, Protection Adviser

We are delighted to announce that Wai-Lee Ho has joined our team as a qualified Protection Adviser. Wai-Lee was a client of Four Oaks Financial Services and after talking to one of our Financial Advisers who provide financial advice in Lichfield and across the region, he decided that a change of career into Financial Services was right for him.

Wai-Lee has worked in catering all his life, but with a Bachelor’s in Business and Politics from Loughborough University and a Masters in Diplomatic Studies from Keele University, he felt that his talents could be better utilised and he would derive more personal satisfaction by working in Financial Services.

The financial services sector appealed to Wai-Lee’s natural desire to help people, and being a Protection Adviser he helps people protect what is most important, their families and themselves. These are the same passions that drive his interests outside of work. He is a District Councillor and Vice Chair of Audit and Member Standards at Lichfield District Council and a Parish Councillor in Hammerwich.

Wai-Lee has already attained two of the qualifications that will see him fully qualified as a Financial Adviser, namely Protection and Ethics. He intends to be fully qualified by the end of the year. He then has aspirations to qualify to provide advice in other areas such as Defined Benefits Transfers and possibly becoming a Chartered Financial Planner in the future.

Earlier this year Wai-Lee was invited to No.10 in recognition of his contribution to the Chinese Community in the Midlands. In his spare-time he is an avid Star Trek fan, and recently met William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk. Glad to have you on-board at Four Oaks Financial Services!

We’re Seeking A Financial Adviser Who Wants A Better Work/Life Balance

Financial Advisers Sutton ColdfieldIf you are an Adviser, qualified to Level 4 Diploma status, and you want to spend more time working with your clients, with an option to work from home. And, you are fed up with all the bureaucracy our profession has to deal with. We want to talk to you.

Our large friendly and stable team will support you. Let us do your Administration, Paraplanning, Compliance, Marketing and Appointment Making.

“Martin Ward has delivered on everything he said he would. He believes in playing fair, and he does. Due to having more time, I am now one of the highest qualified advisers in the region and I can concentrate on delivering better client outcomes as a consequence. None of this would have been possible had I not become a member of this practice.” Ian Cleghorn, Chartered Financial Planner.

Read Ian’s full testimonial and find out more about this vacancy on our Careers page

A highly competitive self-employed package will be offered to the successful candidate.