Lou’s Lockdown 40th Birthday

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Lou Lakin & Bear

Lou Lakin who is a key member our Client Liaison team celebrated her 40th birthday on the 10th May. Being such a special birthday there were a lot of plans that had to be put on hold for the moment, but her husband went all out to make it a fab 40th!

Celebrations started on VE Day when the family joined the festivities with the rest of their road from the front garden.  Lou thought that was the highlight of her birthday weekend.

On her actual birthday she found the house decorated inside and out, courtesy of her hubby and three children.  Her friends had put together a compilation video of them all separately singing happy birthday.  Her family had videoed birthday messages and her mum, dad, brothers and sister drove past the house to give her a birthday wave.

One special 40th gift that did arrive as planned is Bear, a Maltipoo puppy who took up residence at the Lakin house in April.  He is now old enough to go out for walks which is something the whole family can enjoy together.

Happy 40th Lou!

An Emergency 21st For Olivia

Financial Advisers Sutton ColdfieldA few days before the UK went into lockdown quick thinking on the part of Olivia’s mum meant she had a hastily arranged 21st birthday celebration of sorts.  Olivia who lives with her mum, was able to see her dad, brother and boyfriend and open her gifts.

On the day of her 21st, the 31st of March, instead of the “all bells and whistles” birthday party that had been planned, Olivia and mum Lisa spent the day quietly together.  But Lisa made sure there were birthday banners, balloons and presents to open – these included a lovely necklace and wanting Liv to have more than one present to open on her special day she also gave her bed sheets – well the only place she could go was the supermarket! There was plenty of bubbly too!

Liv is looking forward to having her birthday party next year and being able to take the trip to Dublin she had planned with her boyfriend once the lockdown is over.

Looking forward to having a glass of wine with you too when we can meet up again. Happy belated 21st Olivia!

Investments Advice Sutton Coldfield

Finacnial Investments Sutton Coldfield

Where do you go for advice on financial investments in Sutton Coldfield? There are the high street banks and building societies. But, they can only give advice on the financial products their organisation provides.  You can of course search online. In both of these instances you are getting access to financial investment products, not financial advice.

Banks & Building Societies

Banks and Building Societies do not have access to the range of products that we do, and they do not give financial investments advice in Sutton Coldfield. They can only talk to you about the investment products that the particular bank or building society provides.

As a firm of financial advisers when we talk to our clients about Financial Investments in Sutton Coldfield we take a holistic approach.  We don’t just talk to clients about an ISA or a savings account. We look at where you are in your life, we talk to you about your financial goals and provide advice tailored to your personal circumstances.

Looking For Investments Online

There is a wealth of information on financial investments in Sutton Coldfield available to anyone who takes the time to look online. We know because we have looked! Investments in property often come up in searches.  Then of course you have the comparison sites that show you how one financial investment compares to another.

There is one big problem with this.  This is information, not advice on financial investments in Sutton Coldfield.

Why Advice For Financial Investments In Sutton Coldfield Matters

Let’s say you are looking for an ISA. You go to a comparison website and see a long list of the ISAs available, the providers, some of whom you will have heard of, some that you won’t be familiar with. You read the information on each. How do you choose?  Do you know that there are different kinds of ISA? For your financial planning needs is an ISA what you require? Do you know about your annual ISA allowance?

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Talking to one of our team of Financial Advisers who provide financial investments advice will ensure – You review your circumstances. You understand your financial goals and put a plan in place. You receive advice on the most appropriate kinds of investments for your needs and your attitude to risk.

Please contact us if you would like more information or to make an appointment. During this time of Coronavirus concerns we can hold meetings over the phone or online via Skype, Facetime and so on.