Adviser Nic Whittaker Is Now Qualified To Give Advice On Long Term Care

Financial Adviser, Nic Whittaker

A financial adviser should not give advice on long term care unless they are qualified to do so. Nic Whittaker has now passed the CF8 examination which means he is now qualified to provide advice on planning for long term care.  At Four Oaks we take training and qualifications very seriously and all of our team who do not yet have this qualification are working towards achieving it.

CF8 is a qualification solely for financial planning for long term care. Nic and our other Advisers with this qualification provide local financial advice in Lichfield, Tamworth and Sutton Coldfield and are able to give financial advice on all aspects of long term care.  This could be advising you on how to plan for future care, or helping people intending to go into care in the near future.  We can also give advice regarding funding carers not just residential care.

Four Oaks MD, Martin Ward commented “We consider the CF8 qualification to be a basic necessity that every financial adviser should have because you cannot give advice on long term care unless you have this qualification. At Four Oaks we have a strong personal development culture and support our Advisers and other team members to achieve their qualification goals.”

Lily Jackson Joins Our Paraplanning Team

Financial Services
Lilly Jackson, Paraplanner

With 31 years of experience in financial services we are delighted to announce that Lily Jackson has joined our in-house Paraplanning team in the role of Paraplanner. Lilly has worked for stock broking firms and accountancy firms in financial services roles. She has also been an employee benefits consultant in corporate financial services.

As part of our Paraplanning team Lily will be providing essential behind the scenes support to our team of financial advisers who give local financial advice throughout the Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth areas and beyond. Her role includes research, drafting suitability reports and dealing with compliance issues.

Lilly said “I love it at Four Oaks. It is a lovely place to work and there is a real team environment here.”

In her spare time Lily has three great loves, music, travel and motorbikes! Lilly plays the piano and is qualified to teach piano, she loves to travel and got her motorbike licence seven years ago. Welcome to the team, Lilly!

Congratulations to Lianne Flello

Financial services
Lianne Flello Passes Exam

Mortgage and Protection Adviser, Lianne Flello has passed her RO1 examination. She already has her RO2 qualification and is planning to take her RO3 exam in September.

The RO1 qualification covers financial services, regulations and ethics and required Lianne to investigate the purpose and structure of the UK financial service industry, regulatory framework, powers and responsibilities to protect the consumer, legal concepts and considerations relevant to financial advice and the Code of Ethics and its impact on the business behaviours of individuals.

Lianne said “We take ethics and treating our clients fairly extremely seriously at Four Oaks, and this is the overall focus of the RO1 qualification. I think it is very important that we are all formally trained in this area, as well as receiving the ongoing training that we receive in-house at Four Oaks.”

Welcome To Our Latest Financial Adviser

Local Financial Adviser
Yomi Bashorun, Financial Adviser

Yomi Bashorun is a fully qualified Financial Adviser and we are delighted to announce that he has joined our team of Financial Advisers to provide local financial advice to our clients. Yomi has many years of experience in financial services. Having been a Personal Banker at Santander his career path took him to Royal Bank of Scotland where he was a Mortgage and Protection Adviser and most recently he was an Adviser at Nat West.

“I am very pleased to be at Four Oaks Financial Services,” says Yomi “I feel that I am now working as part of a team where I can really help people because previously I could only help them if they were able to fit to the products that were available. Here at Four Oaks I have freedom to offer a solution that is suitable for the client’s particular needs and circumstances.  I can also tap into the vast knowledge and experience of the other Advisers which will ultimately enable me to serve my clients better.”

Yomi is a huge Manchester United fan and enjoys playing football for Naija F.C. for whom he played in the Birmingham Football Association finals at Birmingham City’s St Andrews ground.

Are You Acting Your Investor Age?

Local Financial Advice Savings Investments
Financial Advice on Savings and Investments

As we mature our priorities and goals can change as well as our circumstances. Having the correct investment strategy when we reach the different stages of our lives is essential to ensure you achieve your financial goals.  In your 20s you are likely to be starting your career and may be putting any spare money into an account with a low rate of interest.    You have time to ride out any short-term stock market turbulence and by using your ISA allowance your investments will be free of income and capital gains tax.

In your 30s you will have more financial obligations but you may want to plan for your children’s University fees and your retirement. In your 40s you are likely to be in your peak earnings years so maximizing the contributions to your pension and making sure you are taking advantage of your tax-free ISA allowance are great ways to plan for the future.

Because of changes to pension rules that came into force a couple of years ago people in their 50s are considering retiring at 55. If you are thinking along these lines you need to think about the available investment options and you may move from a financial plan that is focused on producing income, to one that concentrates on growth.

People in their 60s traditionally would be thinking they are coming to the end of their working lives but people now work well into their 60s and 70s. It may be time to reassess your attitude to risk as your focus may now be on opting for low risk investments.

Whatever age you are we strongly recommend that you get professional financial advice and our qualified local financial advisers are here to help. Find more information on savings and investments.

Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances. Tax treatment, rates and allowance are subject to change.

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.